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terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2009

Rayman Raving Rabbids

If you never heard about this game, it is all about a bunch of minigames, the more insane as possible putting together the famous icon from the France based company Ubisoft, Rayman, and the charming rabbits of the title.

The minigames of this game (?!) like I said are a bit different, things like launch a cow as far as you can, or close the door of a toilet before the bunny scream like crazy, and many more.

The minigames are divided between some types, and two of then are like the same mini, but with different scenarios or musics. At the music game you should press the button or waggle your controller (in case of Nintendo Wii version) and it makes the bunnies dance. The music selection is not huge, but watch the bunnies dancing “la bamba” is certain funny. The other game that repeats is one of those on rails shooting games and it has a wild west sense of feeling, but with aliens, off course.

About the crazy bunnies, they are the soul of this game. Their charisma is amazing, once you play this game you will probably repeat their screams like “Ahhhhrrrrr!”, or you gonna remember that bunny that tried to attack you with a sausage believing it was a gun, or even the bunny dressed like a prostitute from a cabaret, or even else the crazy super bunny man. And there is many more moments that you will remember.

The game is on PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo DS and Wii. There is already a second game of this franchise, but I will talk about that game in another time.

I leave you with links to some videos and wallpapers. Have fun!

Oh, and before I definitely go, some curious fact: Did you know that Rayman is armless and legless, just with hands and feet, because during the animation process of the character model they were hidden to make the job easier, and when the character was seen like that by Michel Ancel he said “Perfect, he will be just like this!”? Yeah, just another of those things that happen by chance.