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sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2009

Advertisement is the soul of the business

What is the use of an advertisement? What is the purpose of those television commercials? Are they there just to allow you to run to the toilet or get something to eat? Or maybe they have one very specific objective like convince you that you need something that you didn’t ever know you needed.

A commercial serves to announce something, so the company that is responsible for this something can get some money. Our money. We could say that a commercial is an invitation to be voluntary and necessary explored. Yes, necessary, after all we need all that things we don’t need (and this is not irony!) .

Imagine a life without bills to pay, or without desire for new objects. Can you imagine how you would be if you simply didn’t want anything and was very much satisfied with all the things you already had? You don’t need a new cell phone, or a new car, or even a new television, nor even less you need a travel to Acapulco. But, what is the bad thing about having a new cell phone, this new TV, this new car and spend some days on Acapulco? What’s the problem? In fact all that can very healthy to people. We like new toys.

In our society, people live empty lives (yeah, sorry for this hehehe), they don’t have to hunt, they don’t have to escape of lions, and the majority just don’t have strength or will to accomplish anything, so they find themselves very happy when they buy something, because that is the closest feeling of accomplishment that a normal person can have. He will not make his dream come true by being a singer of crazy music, but buying a cell phone is something affordable to his limitations. Everybody likes a new shining toy. Yes, toy, because deep inside everything is a toy, the only difference is the size and the price, that will depends of the age of the person.

The commercials tell us histories, they show us images, they try to play with our emotions and take us to some fantasy just like a fairy tale does. The child wants to make the fantasy come true. A girl decides she wants to find a charming prince, a boy chooses to be a knight to kill dragons and so on. This boy and this girl, they know there are no charming princes or dragons in real life, but they don’t care, the history is pretty, the scene, the music, everything, it should be real!

A commercial plays with us, tries do surprises us bringing up that thing that or unconscious is already expecting to get. The emotion, the conquest and the illusion that this new beautiful toy will bring us all that things it appears to bring at the commercial. They sell us a dream and we believe that at least part of that dream can be true. The funny thing is that when we hold the so desired new toy in hands, when we finally get that little thing we so deeply wanted the illusion tastes like reality, not forever, but during some time, very often very short. This little piece of life is enough to make we accept lay this game again later, when a new toy arrives.

And to anybody think too much, right bellow this lovely text, is a link to a commercial. A funny commercial.