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sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015


Despite the "production value", the video below is not official and if you follow the internets and are in some way "a fan of Power Rangers" (yeah, you know what I mean), you probably already watched it. But, if not, go ahead. Have fun.

It is not the most amazing thing you may have seen, but it is fun, right?

And it is always interesting to see how people grow up and take with them things they used to like when they were younger, but to justify still sticking to it they try to adapt it to the person they are at the moment. In other words, 40 years in the future, we may have a senior version of Power Rangers. For sure, just wait for it.

quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

How a anime is animated

I found this video walking on Youtube, it shows the making of the animation to a Naruto movie released in 2007. It is quite interesting to see each step of the process to the final result and specially to realize that even today much of the work demands lots of hand work (or, at least, it demanded back then).

sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2015

Is Link's Quest in Majora's Mask Pointless?

The video above is from YouTube's channel The Game Theorists. They have many great videos, like this one, always with this idea of getting game concepts and analyzing then in a scientific manner to reach conclusions and theories (or Game Theories!).

It may look silly, a kind of stupidity, filled with dementia and according to some "a waste of time, dude", but, no, it is not that. You see, every video analyses some issue not only with scientific concepts but with scientific thinking, mixing up fields of science, searching information from Math, from Mhysics, Psychology, Biology and any other that may be necessary,

The value of something like this, specially this days when most people are conditioned to limit themselves to only speak about what some piece of paper tell then they are able to speak about, is huge.

I liked the video so much that I'm watching all of their videos and I will definitely post more here soon. Very soon. And just a little curiosity, this was the first because I'm unashamedly using the hype around the launch of the Majora's Mask remake to 3DS, but let's just pretend I never told you this. Yes.

terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

Point-Click-Adventure-Shoot-'em-Up: Starr Mazer

It is in its last days in Kickstarter the game from the video below, take a look.

They are close to their goal, so if it interested you in some way click here and let's help make it happen.

And since the quality of indie games is very-much-a-lot-always linked to who the people on the project are, you may like to watch a interview with one of the minds responsible for the game clicking here.

sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2015

Speed UNdrawing!

There at my drawings website I do speed drawing videos and this one below will only be published in March 13, however, since this one is done, since it is already in Youtube and since it is different, I thought it would be worth to publish it here before and apart of that post I do with everything, after each 40 new drawings (like this one)

This is a speed undrawing, it is just like the others but in the end the drawing is unmade (?!). The result is a little surreal, but I think I liked it. What do you think?

terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015

Last month in everyday1music

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of last month in!

If this is the first time you see this, besides writing crazy things here and drawing weird things over there, I also take care of the website, and, at every 10th day of the month, I post here a list with every song featured in the previous month there at the website.

Here is this month's list, have fun!

jan.01 - ♫ The Films - Holiday  3rd most heard 
jan.02 - ♬ Iron Chic - Every Town Has An Elm Street
jan.03 - ♪♪ Kula Shaker - Tattva
jan.04 - ♪ Portugal. The Man - Holy Roller (Hallelujah)  2nd most heard 
jan.05 - ♫ Phoenix - 1901
jan.06 - ♫ No Joy - Lunar Phobia
jan.07 - ♫ Amandine - For All the Marbles
jan.08 - ♫ paionia - 東京 (Tokyo)
jan.09 - ♫ Less Than Jake - Look What Happened
jan.10 - ♪ Royal Canoe - Nightcrawlin'
jan.11 - ♬ Pepper - No Control
jan.12 - ♫ The Rifles - Go Lucky  4th most heard 
jan.13 - ♫ The Charlatans - One To Another
jan.14 - ♪ Indigo la End - She
jan.15 - ♪♪ CHVRCHES - Do I Wanna Know
jan.16 - ♫ The Tins - We Fought The Moon
jan.17 - ♫ Keane - Everybody's Changing
jan.18 - ♪ Ronin - Ravenna  The most heard 
jan.19 - ♫ The Raveonettes - I Wanna Be Adored
jan.20 - ♪ Kinoko Teikoku (きのこ帝国) - The sea and the bouquet (海と花束)
jan.21 - ♫ Pavement - Cut Your Hair
jan.22 - ♪ Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive
jan.23 - ♬ New Politics - Dignity
jan.24 - ♫ Rocketboat - No Consolation
jan.25 - ♫ Ocean Colour Scene - The Circle
jan.26 - ♪ Glen Hasard & Markéta Irglová - If you want me
jan.27 - ♬ The Vickers - All I Need
jan.28 - ♫ Kinoko Teikoku (きのこ帝国) - Fuuka Suru Kyoushitsu  5th most heard 
jan.29 - ♪ Jets Overhead - Weathervanes (in the way)
jan.30 - ♬ Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds - What's A Boy To Do
jan.31 - ♪ The Milk Carton Kids - Michigan

quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2015

McDonald's French Fries

Good. They are indeed made of real potatoes.

After watching, if you wanna know which chemicals are used in the fries, check this other video, it only talks about it.

It is interesting to see all the care they take to maintain the same taste and looks, no matter the restaurant.

I don't know if I can really eat without any concern, but it is always fun to see inside these factories that make things we only see when finished. At their YouTube channel they have similar videos talking about other McDonald's products.

And now I'm hungry.

terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2015


These photos above were taken by Steve Axford.

At his website you can find many more.

sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

HoloLens by Microsoft

Did you watched this video? If not, go there, I wait.

Many of these technologies that show up from time to time with all those grandiose ideas, talking about how suddenly our lives will never be the same, end up being just nothing. Or it is so for the next 20 years. Looking the video, reading the info and impressions of those who tested the thing (here 1, here 2), I don't think this is the case.

The video doesn't show quite well, but the device not only works with augmented reality, projecting objects and virtual imagens on top of the environment, it also has cameras tracking the movements of the user, microphones and the ability to connect to other devices around to work together. With all that it is possible to use your hand to interact with what you see, voice commands and data transfer related tasks.

I think the opportunities of entertainment are very interesting, but the main point here is the possibility to truly creacte something that can be a new tool do everyday work, to scientific development and many more.

The HoloLens have no release date, but it will be interesting to see how all this potential will be developed, or not (right, Microsoft?).