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terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2014

10 things said by Kant

I was searching something on Google, but then I mistyped, Google completed my typing and searched "Immanuel Kant", that philosopher, you know? Coincidence or not, I noticed that today would be his birthday, if he was still alive (he died in 1804), and then, I went to read a little about him.

I don't believe that just a quote is enough to close a discussion or a idea, even so, it is not my intention to talk about the principles of Transcendental idealism or something like that in here and in 5 minutes, there are below some of the many things Mr. Kant wrote that form some reason captured my attention.

1. "Experience is the perception when understood."

2. "It is the problem of education that underlies the great secret of the betterment of humanity."

3. "That's why we send children to school: not so much to learn something, but to get used to stay calm, sit, and to comply fully what they are commanded to do, so, them do not even think they have to implement their ideas."

4. "Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind."

5. "Dreams are involuntary poetic art."

6. "Human reason has this peculiar fate that in one species of its knowledge it is burdened by questions which, as prescribed by the very nature of reason itself, it is not able to ignore, but which, as transcending all its powers, it is also not able to answer."

7. "I ought never to act except in such a way that I could also will that my maxim should become a universal law."

8. "Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination."

9. "I have no knowledge of myself as I am, but merely as I appear to myself."

10. "Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness."

So, what you think? Oh, and he died 200 years ago.

quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

5 thousand years in 5 minutes of maps

The video below shows changes in borders of countries and cultures in Europe from 3000 BC to 2013 AD.

Probably it will be more fun to those who like historical things, but, even so, it is interesting to see that so many things happen and there is so much cultures that is possible to watch the video more than once paying attention to just a region of the map each time.

Oh, and this video is certainly one of those that is better to watch in full screen.

I think it is curious that, as the video gets closer to our time, more information we have about different cultures and borders, but it doesn't mean that before there were less cultures and borders. I guess certain periods of History will only be truly studied with the time machine.

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

3 stupid things that make me laugh

1. When people choose stupid names in RPG characters, ruining the dialogs that may use the name.

2. This video.

3. Gif animation and images making fun of Snape.

quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2014

Last month in everyday1music

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of last month in!

If it is the first time you see this, besides writing things here and drawing things over there, I also take care of the website, and, at every 10th day of the month, I post here a list with every song featured in the previous month there at the website.

Just click to listen.

Next month I'm back with more. Have fun!

Mar.01 - ♫ STRFKR - Julius
Mar.02 - ♬ TOY - Colours Running Out
Mar.03 - ♪♪ Steel Train - Leave You Traveling  4rd most heard 
Mar.04 - ♪ Mother Mother - Bit By Bit
Mar.05 - ♪☁ The Cribs - We Share The Same Skies
Mar.06 - ♫ Cracker - Teen Angst
Mar.07 - ♫ Gloryhound - Electric Dusk
Mar.08 - ♫ Phoenix - One time too many  The most heard 
Mar.09 - ♫ Lior - Blessed
Mar.10 - ♬ The Bungalows - Killer  2nd most heard 
Mar.11 - ♫ Eugene McGuinness - Fairlight
Mar.12 - ♫ Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds - Covered In Flies
Mar.13 - ♪ Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee
Mar.14 - ♫ Lipstick Homicide - Vampire club
Mar.15 - ♪ Pickwick - Santa Rosa  3rd most heard 
Mar.16 - ♫ Meiko - Leave The Lights On
Mar.17 - ☀♪ Leagues - Spotlight 
Mar.18 - ♫ The Hextalls - I'm A Recluse!
Mar.19 - ♪♪ Sea Wolf - Changing Seasons
Mar.20 - ♪ The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
Mar.21 - ☁♪ The Ergs! - Pray For Rain
Mar.22 - ♪ Har Mar Superstar - We Don't Sleep
Mar.23 - ♪♪ Stars - Today Will Be Better, I Swear!  5rd most heard 
Mar.24 - ♫ Wolf People - Thief
Mar.25 - ♫ fun. - Stitch Me Up
Mar.26 - ♬ The Rifles - She's Got Standards
Mar.27 - ♫ The Zutons - Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)
Mar.28 - ♫ The Films - Black Shoes
Mar.29 - ♆♪ New Order - Hellbent
Mar.30 - ♚♪ Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings
Mar.31 - ♫ The Smiths - This Charming Man

terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

The "new generation" of character creation in MMO

The video below is from a game called Black Desert, produced by the South Korean Pearl Abyss. It is a MMO RPG, high fantasy, free-to-play and as of this moment is in its second closed beta stage. The launch is expected to happen at the end of this year, on PC (Windows only) and later (with no specified date yet) on Playstation 4. Take a look, it is worth.

And if you think this game is the only one doing this things check this video.

segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2014

One Chance

When a video game tells a story, you are not passive watcher, you are part of what is going on. So, when a game is well made, after playing, something of the experience stays with you. It can be something more simple and direct like a lesson of courage when you have to fight and kill a monster three times your size with a half of a heart left, or it can be something more complex, than may or may not relate to your real life, but that can change you as a person.

Walking through the web, I found this game called One Chance, produced by the guys from Awkward Silence Games. It is a flash game, it’s free, lasts about 10 minutes, tells a story that succeeds in giving a emotional experience and it is a game that allows you to play only once (as the title may suggest).

On the game, your are Doctor John Pilgrim, the head of a group of scientists who just discovered the cure to cancer, but, for some unknown reason, the treatment goes wrong and in 6 days every living cell on the planet will die. It is then up to you to chose what you gonna do in these last days, as situations and choices are presented. Each decision has consequences and takes the story to different places.

This concept of only letting you play once, in theory, helps you to give more weight to your choices and experience, but reaching the end of the game, exactly because of the story being told so well and having meaningful closures, at least to me, there is a wish to know what else could have happened, in which other ways the story could have ended, if the story I made was the happiest, the fairest, or the worst of all.

With that said, if after playing you get such thoughts, fear not, it is very easy to walk around the single play block of the game:

1 - Finish the game (yeah, I know)
2 - Reload the page
3 - Click Play
4 - Click with the left mouse button and the menu that will pop, click in : Settings”
5 - In the tinny window that will open, click on the tab that the icon is a folder, is is called “Local storage”
6 - Click and drag the marker to the extreme left of the line
7 - Click “ok” and the “close”
8 - Reload the page and you are ready to go o/

The arrow keys move the character and the space bar is used to all the interactions. To play just click on the image below. Have fun.

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Draw and Post-it // 161 to 200!

The drawings below are part of another project of mine where I draw things in post it notes, the, and, at each 40 new drawings posted there, I make this post over here with the sole intention to promote all to that so maybe someday I can make millions. Or not.

You can click in any image to enlarge, click play to watch the speed drawing videos (don't forget to subscribe to our channel in YouTube) and if you wanna know more, just read what is after the drawings at the end of this post. Have fun!

Two hundred drawings completed! Half of the 400 that are the goal. And just to make it clear, breaking any speculation of mysterious, religious, mythologic, aboriginal, wifi, or whatever other ilk, the goal is 400 because post it notes are sold in a pack of 100 and, since I thought I would like more if they were not all the same color, I bought 4 colors, therefore 400 post it notes.

Today it is been almost one year since the project started. Back then, at the first drawings, I was doing one drawing everyday, to really push me to start drawing again. Later, I had to change it to one drawing every two days and now, I solemnly report that once again I will change the periodicity, this time to one drawing every three days.

The reason is that part of my time will be now on other things and to keep everything going, that is how it will have to be.

Usually I avoid and even I don't like to talk about personal things here, but, in this case, I think it is worth to say that the decision to try these new things is directly related to how this drawing project made me remember "the ways of drawing" and specially how much I enjoy it. There is also that voice inside the head saying every time that there is got to be more somewhere out there, some thing that is more than these routines of living to work, to adapt, to adjust to what is normal, and, if ideas are born, and, they are good and make sense, for many times, the moment to make them real is now and not in some "who knows when" future.

Finally, I just want to remind you that we are not only in YouTube, we are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what I do here, please, follow me around the web and help to spread all this. Soon, I'm back with more drawings and videos, bye o/