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quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

Ramza with more polygons

Final Fantasy Dissidia is fighting game where the fighters are the main characters from Final Fantasy games, something like "Smash Bros. Final Fantasy".

The most recent version of the game is only available in the arcades of Japan. The game has now 20 fighters and is being updated little by little, the plan is to reach about 50. These days they released the how Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics will look on the game, this one on the video.

I don't to be that guy that only complains but, is it only me or he is tottaly looking like a girl?!

Well, at least we know that Square Enix still remember Final Fantasy Tactics. Who knows maybe they make another one?

quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016

A video from Ninja Theory guys

It is always interesting to see talented people doing their things. And it is specially cool these details that will probably be missed by the conscious mind of the player, but it definitely is responsible to create that vibe that the world its characters are alive.

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

Last month in everyday1music

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of last month in!

If this is the first time you see this, besides writing crazy things here and drawing weird things over there, I also take care of the website, and, at every 10th day of the month, I post here a list with every song featured in the previous month there at the website.

Here is this month's list, have fun!

dec.01 - ♫ Phoenix - Everything is everything
dec.02 - ♫ The SAFES - Live Life Like You Wanna Live  3rd most played 
dec.03 - ♫ Kim Logan - Dueling in the Dark  The most played 
dec.04 - ♬ Johnny Foreigner - Yes! You Talk Too Fast
dec.05 - ♪♪ The Sorry Kisses - Abandon Ship
dec.06 - ♫ The Jellybricks - Probably Me
dec.07 - ♪ The Milk Carton Kids - No Hammer to Hold
dec.08 - ♫ Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
dec.09 - ♫ The Len Price 3 - With Your Love  2nd most played 
dec.10 - ♬ Malvachimica - Zio d' America
dec.11 - ♪♪ Riaan - Just Dreaming
dec.12 - ♫ Deer Mother - I Think I Like It
dec.13 - ♫ Dr. Dog - How Long Must I Wait
dec.14 - ♪♪ Jets Overhead - Bridges
dec.15 - ♫ Catfish And The Bottlemen - Homesick
dec.16 - ♫ Said the Whale - This Winter I Retire
dec.17 - ♬ Death From Above 1979 - White Is Red
dec.18 - ♬ Plague Vendor - Breakdance On Broken Glass  4th most played 
dec.19 - ♫ Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye  5th most played 
dec.20 - ♫ The Royal Flares - I - You = 0
dec.21 - ♬ The Tins - Taking Liberties
dec.22 - ♫ Ronin - Adagio Furioso
dec.23 - ♫ Pavement - Gold Soundz
dec.24 - ♪ Nobuo Uematsu - At Zanarkand / To Zanarkand
dec.25 - ♫ Cracker - Merry Christmas Emily
dec.26 - ♬ The Novatones - Daddy Didn't Know
dec.27 - ♪♪ Beach Fossils - Youth
dec.28 - ♫ Milk Maid - Not Me
dec.29 - ♬ Motörhead - Killed By Death
dec.30 - ♫ The See See - Sweet Hands
dec.31 - ♫ Raiko - Alive

sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016

segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2016

Holograms that you can touch

Almost like those movies about the future. Except that it is just not yet. Soon.

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016

It is in life as it is in chess

Not that we can't do the same to almost any other game, mas it is interesting nevertheless, no?

quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2015

Finishing Mega Man X and X2 at the same time

Wandering in youtube I found this video below. It is from a crazy sir that managed to finish Mega Man X and Mega Man X 2, playing both at the same time and using the same controller!

This one goes to my list of longplay videos to play on background while I do something. For sure!